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Preview an article-based app in iOS Simulator

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    You can preview a complete test app in the iOS Simulator. Find out how in the KB-article below.

    1. Introduction

    1.1. Requirements

    • A Mac with Twixl Publisher for macOS 10.15 or higher installed
    • Xcode

    1.2. Advantages

    • You don't need to have access to a physical device to preview your article-based app.
    • The app will react and behave in exactly the same way as an app deployed in the App Store.
    • The app can be tested on different types of iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).
    • A preview in the iOS Simulator can be initiated right from the Twixl Platform.

    1.3. Disadvantages

    • This solution works only on a Mac
    • It does not allow you to preview on Android devices

    2. How do I do this?

    1. Launch the Twixl Publisher macOS App.
    2. Make sure you have added your Twixl account under Preferences. See this KB-article for details on how to add a Twixl User.
    3. Click Preview.
    4. Select the correct Twixl User.
    5. Select the correct Twixl Project (your Twixl App).
    6. Select whether you want to include unpublished articles or not.
    7. Click Preview.
    8. Choose the desired iOS Simulator and iOS version and click Continue.
    9. Wait for the Twixl Publisher macOS App to finish the build.
    10. You can now test your app in the iOS Simulator.

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