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Twixl Publisher 21.10

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    Twixl Publisher 21.10 is now available and includes:

    • Update related to version codes (Android)
    • Added the ability to pin content items to the top of a collection, independent of the sort order (platform)

    Download this version here or use the built-in update functionality.

    ... and all the new features that were already introduced since Twixl Publisher 20:

    • Twixl Platform changes
    • Security Improvements for paywall for apps with in-app purchases (iOS)
    • New certificate for InDesign plugin
    • Faster startup procedure, which provides a more seamless user experience  (iOS & Android)
    • Preloading of articles  (iOS & Android)
    • Loading indicator and shimmer effect  (iOS & Android)
    • Caching mechanism improving performance  (iOS & Android)
    • For content items you can now set an 'unpublish date', in addition to the 'publish date' (Twixl platform)
    • Android apps now target Google API level 33 (Android)
    • Android 14 support
    • Miscellaneous security enhancements (Twixl Platform)
    • Changes for Privacy Manifests as required by Apple (iOS)
    • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

    The minimum requirements for the mobile apps are iOS 14 and Android 8.

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