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Twixl Publisher 18.6

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    Twixl Publisher 18.6 is now available!
    Download this version here or use the built-in update functionality.

    What is new in 18.6?

    • Miscellaneous fixes and minor enhancements (iOS, Android & Twixl Platform).

    What was already in 18?

    • "Save read position in PDF files" as a setting in Application settings. This makes sure that your reader of a PDF file can continue reading even if the app was killed.
    • The Reports menu has been replaced by a reports page (platform).
    • All reports can now be exported as .csv (platform).
    • Added support for using test payments in the Twixl app (Android).
    • Removed automatic page numbering from PDFs (iOS & Android).
    • Lots of under the hood changes and improvements (Android).
    • Content item alias are now available as an alternative for weblinks. This way you can add multiple aliases to a collection link item. Alias items don't show up in the downloads page and make it more organised for the reader.
    • The “Library" feature allows the publisher to display all the collections that are free for a user (either because the collection is free, the user has purchased the collection or is entitled to the collection) by using tp-library:// (e.g. in the Hamburger Menu).
    • All connections within our apps are https-only now.
    • Included manage subscription button so users can check their subscriptions in Google Play.


    The minimum requirements for the mobile apps are iOS 14 and Android 7.

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