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Twixl Publisher 17.3

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    Twixl Publisher 17.3 is now available!
    Download this version here or use the built-in update functionality.

     What's new in 17.3?

    • We now track links followed in HTML content items
    • Fixed an issue with special characters in passwords in the macOS app
    • Fixed possible issues with in-app purchases and subscriptions on Android
    • Fixed an issue with the orientation of the QR code scanner in the Twixl app on iPad
    • Several under the hood changes on Android
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes

    Twixl Publisher 17 introduced these new features:

    • Xcode 13 is now a requirement for building apps
    • New and improved analytics event tracking and a number of new reports.
    • Export of analytics reports as .xlsx or .csv
    • Export of all analytics events (using the Integration API)
    • Added 'Browser Client' analytics
    • New app option 'Blur snapshot in iOS & Android app switcher' to hide potentially sensitive information in the app switcher screen.
    • Accessibility improvements

    The minimum requirements for the mobile apps are iOS 13 and Android 7.

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