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### ARCHIVE ### Manual | Q1.2018 - The Browser Client



Technology Previews are provided as is, and any issues you may find should only be reported in our Technology Preview Portal or you can log a support ticket.

It is not recommended to use a Technology Preview in a final production environment.

Support for Technology Previews will usually be handled with a lower priority.

The Twixl Publisher browser client Technology Preview gives you an early look at the upcoming support for a third Twixl publishing platform. With Twixl Publisher 6, arriving in Q1 of 2018, next to the iOS and Android apps, you'll also be able to offer the full article-based app experience in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

How to activate the Browser Client?

The Browser Client

After your succesful and approved opt-in for this Technology Preview, you need to activate The Browser Client for each of your article-based applications. So, in other words: it's your decision which article-based apps will have The Browser Client activated.

  1. When you go to the Application Menu of an article-based app, you'll notice a new item: Browser Client.
  2. Click on Enable Browser Client to enable The Browser Client for that particular article-based application.

Available options

  1. Try Browser Client: This will launch a new window with the new Browser Client.
  2. Disable Browser Client: You can always decide to deactivate The Browser Client for this specific article-based application.
  3. Pre-render Content: This prepares all your content for fast viewing in The Browser Client. By default, the Twixl Distribution Platform will pre-render content on a regular base in the background.
  4. Delete Pre-rendered Content: In case of problems, it can help to delete Pre-rendered Content with this button and Pre-render Content again.

Known limitations

Since this is a Technology Preview, some things are still under development and this Technology Preview can contain bugs and errors. For a list of Know Limitations, see this KB-article.

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