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### ARCHIVE ### Technology Preview Q1.2018 - The Browser Client



Technology Previews are provided as is, and any issues you may find should only be reported in our Technology Preview Portal or you can log a support ticket.

It is not recommended to use a Technology Preview in a final production environment.

Support for Technology Previews will usually be handled with a lower priority.

1. What's this all about?

The Twixl Publisher browser client Technology Preview gives you an early look at the upcoming support for a third Twixl publishing platform. With Twixl Publisher 6, arriving in Q1 of 2018, next to the iOS and Android apps, you'll also be able to offer the full article-based app experience in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

2. Is this available to everyone?

This Technology Preview is only available after signup and approval. Sign up for the Twixl Technology Preview Q1.2018 using the form.

What is expected of me?

There are some things we expect:

  1. You are willing to provide feedback on the features, ease of use and documentation.
  2. You are willing to report bugs via a support ticket.
  3. You are willing to take part in the discussion on our Technology Preview Portal.
3. Known limitations

Since this is a Technology Preview, some things are still under development and this Technology Preview can contain bugs and errors. Below is a list of known limitations. This list can change as development continues.

Limitation Explanation
Entitlements Entitlements doesn’t work yet. However, your Entitled Content is protected and will not be visible. Only Unentitled content is accesible for readers
Twixl Publisher Links
All tp- links except tp-pagelink:// and tp-search:// are not supported at this moment.
PDF Viewer
The PDF Viewer doesn't support a table-of-contents and two-up mode at this point.
In-App Purchases
In-App Purchase content shows up in the browser client, regardless of whether the user purchased them or not
Custom Domain names
Custom domain names are currently not supported
Custom SSL Certificate
Custom SSL certificates are currently not supported
In this technology preview, analytics data is not tracked
The user interface of the browser client is currently English-only
Sharing over social media is currently not supported
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