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Google Play App Signing

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    Don't activate Google Play App Signing in your Google Play Console!

    Below we explain why you don't want to activate this option!

    1. About "Google Play App Signing"

    Google recently introduced a new feature called Google Play App Signing, where Google Play manages your Android keystores. For more info about Android Keystores, see here.

    Twixl Publisher doesn't support this and will not support it in the future either as it makes our deployment process a lot more difficult. If you want to use this feature, you all of a sudden have to manage 2 keystores instead of 1 for each app.

    2. How to avoid activating this option?

    Activating Google Play App Signing is done in the Google Play Console. It's very easy to fall into this trap, because Google suggest that you activate this option, as soon as you are navigating to Release Management (where you basically upload your Android Application to the Google Play Store).

    Google Play App Signing

    3. Consequences of activating this option

    Activating this option, makes your Google Play Developer account incompatible with Twixl Publisher! You won't be able to upload new apps anymore, or update existing applications.

    Activating Google App Signing is also irreversible!

    Important: App Signing opt-in is permanent

    Google Play App Signing is an optional program. If you prefer, you can continue managing your own keys.

    Once you've enrolled your app in Google Play App Signing, withdrawal is not supported. To preserve the security of your app signing keys, we don't have the ability to remove keys from the secure server.

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