Preview your article-based app

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The Twixl App Reviewer app allows you to preview your article-based apps and check what your browse pages and article detail will look like without first needing to create a separate test app. You can login to the App Reviewer app with your Twixl Distribution Platform account and password. If you have a Touch ID-enabled iPhone or iPad, you can choose to use Touch ID.

The tR App Reviewer

Previewing your app

When you are logged in,you'll get to see an overview of all article-based apps in your account. Tapping the app icon will bring you to the main browse page, and you can check how content is displayed. You can make adjustments in the collection and cell styles on the Twixl Distribution Platform, and these will be reflected on the fly in the app.

Previewing your article-based app

Working with extra App Reviewer users

If you want other people to be able to review your app, but without providing them full access to your Twixl Distribution Platform account, you can add extra "App Reviewer" accounts by selecting "Manage users…" under your account admin settings. For each App Reviewer user, you can define the apps he/she will have access to.

Working with extra App Reviewer users

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