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    When you get to the Home Screen, the application will display 3 buttons:

    • Preview 
    • Share
    • Build

    The Home Screen also provides an option to select a publication first. If you don't make a selection here, you can still do that after selecting one of the options.


    Allows you to select a publication that was exported from InDesign (with extension .publication), or a PDF, and then generates a Preview either in the iOS simulator, or on a device. See the article "Preview on a device".


    Lets you share a publication with a client, a colleague, … See Sharing a publication.


    Allows you to generate an iOS or Android app (for tablets only, for phones only or universal), or a Web Reader export, based on specified build settings criteria. You can either create a single-issue app (for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire) or an App Store Kiosk app (iOS or Android). The availability of certain options may depend on the type of subscription you have.

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