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Send debugging info (Device Logs)


Help Twixl media support to troubleshoot problems in a kiosk app


When the Twixl Support Team asks for a Device Log, please send the Device Log to your own e-mail address and attach it to your support ticket. This way, you can be sure that the required Device Log will be linked to the right support ticket.

How to send debugging info

In order to allow Twixl media support to gather more information when something goes wrong with a kiosk app that uses our Twixl Distribution Platform, we’ve integrated a hidden "Report a problem" window in our kiosk apps.

In Twixl Publisher 3.5 and earlier, you can call this window with a special gesture by double-tapping the title bar (where the app name is displayed). As of Twixl Publisher 3.6 and higher, select 'Device Info' from the Tools menu.

Issue-based apps

For issue-based apps, you need to tap the hamburger-menu first and then select Report a problem...

Issue-based apps

Article-based apps

For article-based apps, you need to tap the gear-menu first and then select Report a Problem

Article-based apps
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