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The Tools Menu provides links to a number of external applications that you may need.

Here's an overview of the different application links:

  • Xcode: Apple's Development Environment for OS X and iOS
  • iOS Simulator: used for previewing your iPad publication exports
  • iTunes: Ad Hoc builds of an app can be added to iTunes, then synchronized with an iPad
  • Keychain Access: where Certificates and Private Keys are stored
  • Application Loader: allows you to submit the binary of an App Store app (the file with extension .ipa) to Apple.

Uninstall Adobe InDesign Plugin: removes the plug-in from Adobe InDesign's Extensions.

Export Developer Identity: when you want to export or backup the combination of one or more distribution certificates and private keys and all build settings, after which you can re-import them on another machine or send them to a co-worker.

Tools Menu

Publication Composer

If you use an article-based workflow and created individual articles (with the extension .article), you can merge these into a single publication with the .publication extension.

Publication Composer

You can add several .article files, reorder them if necessary, and also determine the publication options to be used when merging the .article files into a single .publication. Now select "Build" and you'll be able to save the merged .publication file.

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