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In-app purchases for iOS apps

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    Configuring in-app purchases for your app.

    1. Adding in-app purchases in iTunes Connect

    With issue-based (kiosk) or article-based apps, the app itself is usually offered for free, but (certain) app content may be available as an in-app purchase.

    • If your app offers only free content, there's nothing else to configure but adding your content to the Twixl Distribution Platform.
    • If you want to make issues available as an in-app purchase, you will need to create a separate in-app purchase entry in iTunes Connect for each of the issues or collections you want to offer. Note that the in-app purchase type for issues/collections needs to be 'Non-Consumable'.
    Adding Non-Consumable
    1. Enter a reference name (that will be used for reporting purposes only), e.g. Twixl Magazine October 2014
    2. In the Product ID field, enter a unique identifier that will be used for reporting. It can be composed of letters and numbers. Usually this will also be a reverse DNS name like the app identifier: e.g. com.casablancapublishing.rickscafe.oct2014
    3. Set pricing for the issue/collection by selecting a price tier
    4. Provide in-app purchase information for at least one language.

    2. Article-based: Adding In-App Purchases

    For article-based apps, you can add Collection and PDF Content Items as In-App Purchases.

    3. Issue-based: Adding issues as in-app purchases in the Twixl Distribution Platform

    For each of the in-app purchases defined in iTunes Connect, you also need to add issues/collections in the Twixl Distribution Platform, and select "Purchase" as the issue type.


    Make sure the product identifier in the Twixl Distribution Platform matches exactly with the one you defined in iTunes Connect.

    4. In-app purchase testing

    In order to test in-app purchases with an Ad Hoc build of your app, Apple provides a sandboxing environment. To do this:

    1. Build and install an Ad Hoc version of your app.
    2. Create a test user in iTunes Connect.
    3. Logout from the iTunes and App Store for your regular account.
    4. Try to make a purchase and login with the test user you created.
    5. You should be able to make the test purchase in the testing ('sandbox') environment.

    5. Adding subscriptions in your app

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