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Using a timer in your app

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    Ideal for trade shows…

    Ideal for trade shows…

    If you want to use a Twixl-based app in a "kiosk" type of environment, e.g. for iPads on display at a trade show, you may want to integrate an inactivity timer that returns to a certain start situation after being idle for a while. If you have trade show visitors, then you can decide that after a specified amount of idle time, the publication needs to return to the starting page, to make sure a new visitor doesn't get lost…



    Configuring a timer consists of two things:

    • set a timeout interval (in seconds)
    • define an action URL to be triggered on time-out

    By default the timeout interval in a build setting will be set to "0", i.e. disabled.

    The URL action to be triggered can use custom URL schemes for navigation in a Twixl publication. If you want to integrate a timer in a kiosk app, you can also use the URL:


    This will make sure the app returns to the store overview window after timeout.

    You can also use the following URL schemes to pause/remuse playback of background music:


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