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Manage Users


You can add different types of users to the Twixl Distribution Platform. Here, we explain how to do that and which types can be created.

Managing Users

To manage users, you can do one of the following things:

  • Go the Homepage of our Twixl Distribution Platform and click on Manage Users.
  • Or go to your Account Name and select Manage Users... from the dropdown menu.

Define different user roles

Different types of users can be created on the Twixl Distribution Platform:

  1. Administrator - has full access to everything and all apps under that account, both in the back end and in the App Reviewer
  2. App Administrator - has access to selected apps only, both on the Twixl Distribution Platform and in the Twixl App Reviewer
  3. App Reviewer - can access selected apps in the Twixl App Reviewer app only (i.e. has no access to the back end)
  4. App Report Viewer - can access the Reports (analytics) of selected apps on the Twixl Distribution Platform. Has no access to the Twixl App Reviewer app and can't see any settings for the selected apps.

App Reviewer access is available for article-based apps only.

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