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    You can add different types of users to the Twixl Distribution Platform. Here, we explain how to do that and which types can be created.

    Managing Users

    To manage users, you can do one of the following:

    • Go to your Account Name and select Manage Users... from the dropdown menu.
    Manage Users 2

    Define different user roles

    Different types of users can be created on the Twixl Distribution Platform:

    1. Administrator - has full access to everything and all apps under that account, both in the back end and in the 'Twixl' app
    2. App Administrator - has access to selected apps only, both on the Twixl platform and in the 'Twixl' App
    3. App Reviewer - can access selected apps in the 'Twixl' app only. Has access to the Twixl platform to scan QR-codes. See this KB-article.
    4. App Report Viewer - can access the Reports (analytics) of selected apps on the Twixl platform. Has no access to the 'Twixl' app and can't see any settings for the selected apps.

    Two-Factor Authentication - 2FA for users.

    2FA adds an extra layer of security to your user account on the Twixl platform.

    What is 2FA?

    Two-Factor Authentication (also known as 2FA) is all about security. It's an extra layer of security that is known as multi factor authentication that requires not only a password and a username but also something else. In other words: it is the authentication process where two of the three possible factors of authentication are combined.

    The possible factors of authentication are:

    1. Something the user knows (e.g.: a password, PIN code, an answer to a secret question, ...).
    2. Something the user has. (e.g.: a token, a mobile phone, a USB, ...).
    3. Something the user is (e.g.: face or voice recognition, fingerprint, ...).

    For internet security, the most common used combination is: 1 + 2. And that's what we use on the Twixl platform.

    Why should I activate 2FA?

    2FA provides a secondary layer of security that makes if far more difficult for hackers to access a person's devices and online accounts. It reduces the risk of exposure when your password is stolen (or compromised) or your email account has been compromised.

    How to activate 2FA?

    1. Login on the Twixl platform
    2. Go to your User-account and click on your Username in the menu.
    3. Select the first item in that Dropdown-menu: Logged in as: username.
    4. Select Two-Factor Authentication.
    5. Follow the instructions!

    Possible 2FA-apps

    We certainly have some favourites:

    • Google Authenticator: basic but decent.
    • 1Password: a wonderful password manager with support for 2FA on all platforms.
    • Authy: very good 2FA app, available on all platforms.


    • A good password remains important. It's your first and most important layer of security. Don't neglect it!
    • Activating 2FA on the Twixl platform is not an requirement, but we strongly advise you to do so.
    • At this moment, 2FA can't be activated for all users at once (for the same Account). Activating 2FA is the choice of a user.
    • You should think about activating 2FA on other (non-Twixl) accounts as well. The more accounts have a better security, the less chance you have in creating a chain-reaction when one important account is compromised.

    Security is the responsibility of both service providers and users!

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