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Plug-in fly-out menu


You can select a fly-out menu from the top right corner of the plug-in Window.

It contains helpful links to the Twixl Publisher documentation, release notes, etc. It also allows you to export the log files that Twixl media support may request for troubleshooting purposes.

Fly-Out Menu



There's also a preferences window.

1. Caching

When creating previews or exports, your content will be cached so subsequent previews or exports will run quicker. You can determine how much space you want to allocate for the caching, and you can also manually clear the cache.

2. Preflight

Here you can select whether you want preflight warnings to appear during preview, or during sharing and exporting. Note that this works for warnings only, errors will always interrupt the process.

3. Options

Enable Legacy Options: only required to maintain compatibility with Twixl publications created with InDesign 5 and 5.5.

Enable Debugging Mode: for troubleshooting purposes, Twixl media support may request to temporarily enable this.

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