Switching from issue-based to article-based publishing

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One of the major changes brought by Twixl Publisher 5 is the different approach of how you publish your content.

Traditionally Twixl publications created in InDesign were published as monolithic issues in a kiosk app.

While the tradional magazine approach allowed you to get up and running quickly with your magazine, the downside was that the reader needed to download a complete issue first, before being able to start reading. Also, making a change to a single article in your issue required an update of the complete issue (and required the reader to re-download that issue).

Twixl Publisher 5's new article-based approach (which by the way is an option, not a requirement) offers many advantages.

Here's a concise list of the many advantages that this approach offers to both publishers and readers:

  • Smaller downloads, so less bandwidth use.
  • Download on demand, which gives readers faster access to content.
  • Support for multiple file types (InDesign articles , HTML articles, PDF, movies, images, …).
  • Easier integration with many workflow solutions.
  • Support for a wide range of web CMS systems using automated content sources (RSS feeds).
  • Much more flexible content presentation.
  • Most app display options can be set server-side and changed on the fly without the need to update the app itself.

The terms ‘single-issue’ and ‘multi-issue’ are no longer relevant - legacy single-issue apps could e.g. migrate to an article-based TP5 app where each article is easily updatable separately, instead of having to post an update of the complete single-issue app when only one typo is corrected.

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