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Built-in reporting and analytics

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The Twixl Distribution Platform offers built-in reporting and analytics for apps.

  1. App-level reports
  2. Advanced reports
  3. Issue-level reports (for issue-based apps) and Collection and content item reports (for article-based apps)
  4. Entitlements Users

1. App-level reports

  • Daily downloads per app
  • Daily issue downloads per app (for issue-based apps)
  • Daily Content Item downloads per app (for article-based apps)
  • Daily Collection views (for article-based apps)
  • Daily Content Item views (for article-based apps)
  • Issue sessions (for issue-based apps)
  • App sessions (for article-based apps)
  • App size overview (for article-based apps)
  • Subscription purchases per app
  • Geographical distribution of downloads

1.1. Daily downloads per app

1.2. Issue downloads per app (issue-based)

1.3. Daily Collection views (article-based)

1.4. Daily Content Item views (article-based)

1.5. Daily Content Item downloads (article-based)

1.6. App Sessions (article-based)

1.7. Issue sessions overview (issue-based)

1.8. Issue session (by issue)

1.9. App Size (article-based)

1.10. Subscription purchases per app

1.11. Geographical distribution of downloads (by country)

2. Advanced app reports

  • Downloads by day of week
  • Issue downloads by device type (iPad/Android)
  • Devices percentage (iPad, iPad retina, Android)
  • OS percentages (iOS 6, 7.0, 7.1, Android 4.1, 4.3, etc.)
  • Platform percentages
  • Landscape vs. portrait percentages (if applicable)
  • App installs by app version
  • Publication size by device type
  • App installs: number of users that have opened the app at least once
  • App sessions: number of times that a publication has been opened on a device

2.1. Downloads by day of week

2.2. Issue downloads by device type (iPad/Android tablet/iPhone/Android phone)

2.3. Devices percentage (iPad, iPad retina, Android) & OS percentages (iOS 6, 7.0, 7.1, Android 4.1, 4.3, etc.)

3. Issue, Collection & Content Item reports

  • Articles visited by readers
  • Article pages visited by readers
  • Interactive content play count:
    • Slide shows accessed (if not autoplay)
    • Movies: number of playbacks started
    • Sounds: number of playbacks started
    • Image sequences: number of times triggered
    • Web links: number of times embedded web browser was loaded
    • Web overlays: number of times triggered

3.1. Article Views (Issue-based)

3.2. Top collection views (article-based)

3.3. Top Content Item views  (article-based)

4. Entitlements Users

For the Entitlement Scenarios Users & Groups or Username & Password built-in analytics are also available. When you go to the list of groups or users, for each user / group, you will now see links to the content item views, collection views and application sessions. See screenshots


Only available in article-based applications and for the built-in scenarios Users & Groups or Username & Password.


The same information is also available via the Admin API v2.

Content Item Views
Collection Views
Application Sessions

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