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Built-in reporting and analytics

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    The Twixl platform offers built-in reporting and analytics for your apps. You can export data from these reports and use the numbers into your own analytics presentations, tables, tools...

    1. Exporting reports data

    The data for all reports can be exported, either in Excel format (xlsx) or as comma-separated values (CSV), based on a selected date range.

    2. App-level reports

    • Daily downloads per app
    • Daily Content Item downloads per app
    • Daily Collection views
    • Daily Content Item views
    • App sessions
    • App size overview
    • Subscription purchases per app
    • Geographical distribution of downloads

    2.1. Daily downloads per app

    2.2. Daily Collection views

    2.3. Daily Content Item views

    2.4. Daily Content Item downloads

    2.5. App Sessions

    2.6. App Size


    This built-in report is an excellent tool to see how big your content is:

    • It will show a list of all the Collections, the biggest on top (in terms of file size)
    • If you click on a Collection, a list of all your Content Items will be visible. Again: the biggest on top (in terms of file size).

    2.7. Subscription purchases per app

    2.8. Geographical distribution of downloads (by country)

    3. Advanced app reports

    • Downloads by day of week
    • Collection downloads downloads by device type (tablets/phones)
    • Devices percentage (iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, Android phones)
    • OS percentages (iOS 14.5, 13, Android 10, 9, etc.)
    • Platform percentages
    • Landscape vs. portrait percentages (if applicable)
    • App installs by app version
    • Publication size by device type
    • App installs: number of users that have opened the app at least once
    • App sessions: number of times that a publication has been opened on a device

    3.1. Downloads by day of week

    3.2. Downloads by device type (iPad/Android tablet/iPhone/Android phone)

    3.3. Devices percentage (iPad, iPad retina, Android) & OS percentages (iOS 6, 7.0, 7.1, Android 4.1, 4.3, etc.)

    4. Collection & Content Item reports

    • Articles visited by readers
    • Article pages visited by readers

    4.1. Top collection views

    4.2. Top Content Item views

    5. Entitlements Users

    For the Entitlement Scenarios Users & Groups or Username & Password built-in analytics are also available. When you go to the list of groups or users, for each user / group, you will now see links to the content item views, collection views and application sessions. See screenshots


    Only available for the built-in scenarios Users & Groups or Username & Password.


    The same information is also available via the Admin API v2.

    Content Item Views
    Collection Views
    Application Sessions

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