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Using categories in an issue-based app

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    Subcribers to the Twixl Distribution Platform Pro Pack (formerly called the "Entitlements option") can activate a 'categories' option on their Twixl Distribution Platform account. Categories allow you to split your issues into different sections, e.g. to organize your content by subject, or by year, etc.

    How to configure

    How to configure

    If the "Categories" option for your account has been activated, the detail menu for an app on the Twixl Distribution Platform will show an additional "Issue Categories" option.

    Add Issue Category

    You can add the categories you wish, the name that is entered in the category field is the name that will be displayed in the categories menu in the app. You can optionally enter a sort order as well.

    Then, select which of the issues in your publication should be included in that category. Depending on how you want to sort your content, you can also decide to create an "All issues" category.

    As soon as you have created categories in the Twixl Distribution Platform, these will become available in your app.

    Downloaded issues category

    There is a special "Downloaded issues" category that you can add by entering a category name in the field above. If filled in, a category with the above name will be added to your kiosk that allows the user to see only the downloaded publications.

    This will only be shown if there is at least one category in your application. Leave blank if you don't want to use this option.

    Use cases

    Use cases

    Categories can be used to:

    • sort magazines by year
    • sort magazines by topic
    • sort textbooks by subject

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