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Uploading content in issue-based apps

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    When you have created an issue with the info for the required fields, you are ready to add a publication for that issue.

    Issue Details

    Twixl publication or PDF

    Multi-issue apps on the Twixl Distribution Platform support Twixl .publication files and PDF files.

    To test a PDF, make sure to prepare it according to the instructions in a separate article.

    To test a Twixl .publication, it needs to be zipped first. Just select "Compress" in the Finder or "Zip" in Windows Explorer.

    Upload and publish

    Now select 'Upload', then navigate to your file, and the browser will start to upload it.

    If you are ready to make the issue available to the public, select 'Publish Issue'.


    Normally the issues will be sorted by publish date in descending order. If you want to determine your own sort order, however,  you can use the 'sort order' field so the issues will be sorted in descending order using the given sort order for that field.

    In order to update a publication in your app, just select "Upload" again and select the updated .publication zip or PDF.

    Automatic publication split

    Twixl publications uploaded to the Twixl Distribution Platform will be split automatically into separate versions for the different platforms (for JPG-based Twixl publications: iPad, iPad retina, Android 10" & Android 7", and possibly 3 different phone versions / for PDF-based Twixl publications: iPad, Android and Phones).

    You can check if you uploaded a publication that supports all the platforms by checking the file sizes of the publication.

    The advantage is that a reader will only need to download the contents relevant for his device.

    Uploading content items in article-based apps

    For uploading content items in article-based apps, please refer to this article.

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