Adding a multi-issue app

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How to create a kiosk app in the Twixl Distribution Platform


Before you can upload a publication to the Twixl Distribution Platform, you need to add an app to your account. Select 'Add Application' after you've activated your account.

How to add an multi-issue app?

Add issue-based app

In order to get started, only the first 2 fields (Application name & Application identifier) are required. All the other fields can be filled in later.

App Settings

Application Name

This is the name of the application on the Twixl Distribution Platform. This name is used only as a reference. Naming your iPad/Android app itself is done using the Twixl Publisher OS X app.

Application Identifier

A reverse DNS name that is unique for this application. This application identifier needs to be exactly the same as your iPad/Android application identifier in the Twixl Publisher OS X builder app and in iTunes Connect, e.g.

Copy to Production


Development or Production. We advise you to do all your testing in development mode. Once you are ready to go live with your iOS/Android app you can convert the development app to a production app.


When building iOS apps for a Development app on the Twixl Distribution Platform, you use a Development provisioning profile. For a Production app, you need an Ad Hoc, App Store or Enterprise provisioning profile.

Storage Type

The default option is Twixl Storage. This storage is perfect for development & production. Users with high download volumes and a paid subscription to the Twixl Distribution Platform also have the option to use their own Amazon S3 and Microsoft Windows Azure storage account.

iOS App Store URL

A link to the app in the App Store.

Google Play

A link to the app in Google Play.

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