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Styling: Cell Styles

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    The appearance of the cells on your browse pages can be changed in the Cell Style options window.

    Possible parameters

    1. Layout

    The layout defines the number of columns and rows that a cell will span. The effective size of your cell will the be dependent on the number of columns you defined for your grid style.

    2. Cover image

    Select how a cover image for the cell should be handled:

    • No image
    • Scale to Fit
    • Scale to Fill

    Set padding for extra spacing around the cells

    3. Border width & color

    If you want a border to appear on the outside of the cell, select the width as well as the color.

    4. Title


    The options above allow you to choose how the title of your content item will be displayed within your cell.

    • Template: Add several placeholders here according to what you want to see displayed in the cell
    • Title Font: Select a font (requires that you have added custom fonts)
    • Case: None (leave unchanged), Upper Case, Lower Case or Title Case
    • Horizontal Alignment: Left, center, right or justified
    • Vertical alignment: Top, Middle, or Bottom
    • Padding: Set spacing around the title (will use the background color)

    5. Subtitle


    Use different placeholders to add an optional subtitle to the cell.

    6. Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    Here you can set options that will determine how your table of contents will appear.

    • Title & Subtitle Template: Select from different placeholders to show a title and optional subtitle.
    • Change case: Allows you to change the case of title and subtitle.

    7. Tablet - Phone - Browser

    In 1 Cell Style you can define a layout for:

    • Tablets: This design will be used on Tablets
    • Phones: This design will be used on Phones
    • Browser: This design will be used in the Browser Client.

    It's entirely up to you whether you want to use separate designs for each rendition or not. You can use the same design as well by using the buttons Copy to Phone, Copy to Tablet and/or Copy to Browser.


    The tab Browser Client will only be visible when you activated the Browser Client in your article-based app. See this KB-article for more info about the Browser Client.

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