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Working with Content Items

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    Different types of content items can be added to a collection.

    Click on "+" in one of these locations:

    • Content > Collections > Collection > Content Items
    • Content > Content Items
    • Content > Unassigned Content Items

    Which content types can be uploaded?

    • HTML articles (.html or .zip)
    • Twixl InDesign exports (zipped .article or .publication)
    • PDF files (.pdf)
    • Images (.jpg or .png)
    • Movies  (.mp4)
    • YouTube movies (URL)
    • Vimeo movies (URL)
    • Web links (URL)

    How to prepare your content for upload

    For Content Items

    1. HTML article: A plain .html file or a zipped folder containing all assets (images, CSS, etc.) with an index.html file at the root.
    2. Twixl InDesign articles: You can either add individual .article InDesign exports, or you can import a complete .publication (after the upload the publication will be split into different content items for each of the articles). Before uploading to the platform, make sure to zip your .article or .publication file.
    3. PDF file: For best practices when uploading .pdf files, please check this article.
    4. Image: Images are accepted in .jpg or .png format
    5. Movie: You can upload H.264 encoded .mp4 movies - make sure your files are encoded at a quality optimized for mobile devices, so that these are not unnecessarily too big and preferably not larger than 1080 pixels wide. Also make sure that the bitrate of your video is not too high, as these might result in errors when rendering these on some lower-end devices.
    6. YouTube movie: Make sure the movie on YouTube is public and copy the YouTube video ID or the URL.
    7. Vimeo movie: Make sure the movie on Vimeo is public and copy the Vimeo video ID or the URL.
    8. Collection Link: Create a link to an existing collection.
    9. Content Item Alias: Links to the same content item from different locations, even with different Item Styles.
    10. Web link: Links to a web page - limited to 255 characters. If you have web links that are longer, you can create a short url with e.g. Tiny URL or Bitly.

    For Browse Grid Items

    1. Inline Web Viewer: The URL of the content that you want to display inline.
    2. Embedded Web Viewer: Will display uploaded web content in line. The web content should be uploaded as a zipped file in the same way as an HTML article (see above), but the .oam file format (Adobe Animate, Tumult Hype) is also supported.
    3. Placeholder: A non-interactive Content Item to show text and/or an image, mainly used for a visual - images are accepted in .jpg or .png format.

    Add content items to your app

    1. Start the upload

    Click "+" here:

    • Content > Collections > [Collection Name] > Content Items
    • Content > Content Items

    2. Upload or link to your content

    A pop-up opens…

    Select where your content items will be shown:

    1. In detail mode

    2. In a browse grid

    Then select the content items you want to add:

    3. By drag and drop in this zone

    4. By selecting files from your computer


    5. Insert a web link & click "Add"

    6. Select a collection to link to & click "Add"

    7. Select a content item to create an alias here & click "Add"

    And/Or in Browse grid items:

    1. Via drag and drop in this zone

    2. Via selecting files from your computer, either a Placeholder image, or an HTML Embedded Web viewer (zipped).

    3. By entering the URL for an Inline Web Viewer & click "Add"

    The items you added will appear at the bottom.

    Here you can already add some additional metadata, if you wish:

    1. Update the thumbnail by clicking on the proposed thumbnail

    2. Update the title

    3. Select a date by clicking in the Publish Date field & click "Save"

    4. Select a collection (in case you didn't start the upload from within a Collection)

    5. Select an item style

    6. Delete this item

    The items are now added and ready for uploading. However, they will only be uploaded if you confirm via the "Save" button.

    Click "Cancel" or "X" if you want to exit without uploading.

    4. Push content from an external solution

    Push content from solutions like WoodWing Inception, Canvasflow, vjoon K4 etc.
    Click here for more information.

    Sorting content items in a collection

    Sorting content items in a collection

    There are different ways to determine the order of the content items in a collection:

    • By Publish date, most recent first
    • By Publish date, oldest first
    • By Creation Date, most recent first
    • By Creation date, oldest first
    • By Title, A to Z
    • By Title, Z to A
    • Manual: You can use drag and drop to arrange the order of the content items.


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