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Working with Content Items

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    Different types of content items can be added to a collection.


    1. HTML article: to be uploaded in a zipped format with an index.html file at the root
    2. Twixl InDesign .article: exported from InDesign, also to be uploaded in zipped format
    3. PDF file
    4. Image: JPG or PNG
    5. Movie: H.264 encoded MP4
    6. Youtube movie: links to online movie
    7. Vimeo movie: links to online movie
    8. Inline Web Viewer: will display web content in line
    9. Embedded Web Viewer: will display uploaded web content in line
    10. Placeholder: a non-interactive Content Item to show text and/or an image, mainly used for a visual
    11. Collection Link: create a link to an existing collection)
    12. Collection & Link: create a new collection and a link to it at the same time
    13. Content Item Alias: lets you link to the same content item from different locations, even with different Cell Styles
    14. Web link: a link to a web page - limited to 255 characters. If you have web links that are longer, you can create a short url with e.g. Tiny URL or Bitly.

    Four ways to add content items to your app

    Content items can be add to your app in different ways:

    1. You can upload content items manually
    2. You can upload multiple items at once. The following file formats are supported:
      • Zipped .article files
      • Zipped HTML articles
      • PDF files
      • PNG and JPEG images
      • MP4 movies
    3. You can import complete Twixl .publication files exported from InDesign: in your app, select a collection, and at the top an option "Import publication" will be available. When you upload the zipped .publication, it will then be processed and automatically split into separate .article content items
    4. Push content from solutions like WoodWing Inception, Canvasflow, vjoon K4 etc.

    Sorting content items in a collection

    Sorting content items in a collection

    There are different ways to determine the order of the content items in a collection:

    • By Publish date, most recent first
    • By Publish date, oldest first
    • By Creation Date, most recent first
    • By Creation date, oldest first
    • By Title, A to Z
    • By Title, Z to A
    • Manual: You can use drag and drop to arrange the order of the content items.


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