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Building your article-based app

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Next to the legacy single-issue and multi-issue apps, the Twixl Publisher macOS builder app lets you create an article-based app.

2. Application Type
Application Type

When creating a new build setting, select "Article-based app" as the Application type.

3. General

3.1. General

Application name

This is the name you will see on your device home screen.

Build For

Choose whether you want an app that supports Tablets, Phones, or both.

3.2. User Interface Languages

Here you can select the languages your app will support - alerts and error messages in your app will then be displayed in the system language specified on the device. 

4. Artwork

App Icon

Add a 1024x1024 icon for iOS and/or Android.

Launch Image

And add a 2208 x 2208 square image that will be used as the launch image.

5. Code Signing
Code Signing

For more information on code signing, please refer to this article.

6. Application Key
Application Key

Copy the application key from the article-based app you created on the Twixl Publisher Platform and enter it here.

For Android, navigate to Services and APIs for your app on the Google Play portal to copy the license key for your app.

7. Build your app

Your are now ready to build your app and submit it to iTunes Connect and/or Google Play.

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