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Building your Twixl app

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    In order to build a Twixl app, first double-check whether you have gone through the following steps first:

    Building your Twixl App

    1. Select the tab Build
    2. Select the appropriate Twixl User
    3. Select the Twixl Project you want to build an app for
    4. Choose the correct Build Setting
    5. Enter a Version Number
    6. Choose whether you want to build an iOS and/or Android app.
    7. Click Build
    8. Wait for the process to finish
    9. Done!
    Build process


    Every time you want to submit an update for your app in the stores, the version number of your app should get a bump.

    • Good example:
      • Current version: 1.5
      • Update: 1.6
    • Bad example:
      • Current version: 1.5
      • Update: 1.4.9

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