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    Twixl Publisher lets you use different content types in your app.

    In addition to InDesign-based content created with the Twixl Publisher plug-in, or PDF files, you can also publish HTML articles.

    You can combine InDesign, HTML and PDF content within the same app.

    Working with content in InDesign

    Working with InDesign content

    For detailed information on how to create your interactive InDesign content, check this chapter.

    Working with HTML content

    Working with HTML content

    HTML content can be created manually, using such tools as Adobe Animate or Tumult Hype, or can be pushed from an external source like WoodWing Inception, WoodWing Aurora/Studio, Canvasflow, or basically any type of CMS, like WordPress or Drupal.

    In order to prepare your HTML articles, select all the HTML files, the associated assets, JavaScript, etc. for that article and turn them into a zip file. When uploading an HTML article to the platform, an index.html file needs to be present at the root level.


    Zip only the documents and not the complete folder for an article, as in that case the index.html cannot be found at the root level.

    Working with PDF content

    Working with PDF content

    Plain PDF files can be uploaded for inclusion in your app. Make sure to prepare the PDF according to the instructions in a this article.

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