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Migrating single-issue apps from Adobe DPS/AEM to Twixl Publisher

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Lately, more and more customers have been asking how they can migrate an app that was created using a different publishing tool to a Twixl Publisher-based app, mainly Adobe DPS.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to move a single-issue app from Adobe DPS to Twixl:

1. Migrate the publication

You will need to convert your existing publication content to a Twixl Publisher .publication file. If you were previously using Adobe DPS, then the free Twixl Importer plug-in will make that a fairly easy process, although depending on the complexity of your content, some manual tweaking may be required.

If you were using a solution like Mag+, Aquafadas, etc. you will have to manually redefine the interactive content in the Twixl Publisher plug-in panel in InDesign.

2. Create a new Twixl publication

Create a new publication from the Twixl Publisher plug-in, and you will have an InDesign book file.

Put all your existing articles in the book with the sort order you want.

Once you have the complete publication in the book, choose "Export publication" to create the export file that will have the .publication extension.

3. Build a new app

Using the Twixl Publisher app, create an app with the same provisioning profile as the original (DPS) app. For Android apps, you will need the keystore that was used for the original app. Otherwise, if you don't use the same provisioning profile or keystore, you will not be able to submit the new Twixl-based app as an update of the DPS app.

4. Submit the new Twixl-based app

When you ready to replace the DPS app, add a new version in iTunes Connect and/or Google Play, and upload the binary for the Twixl-based app. For iOS, the .ipa file is uploaded using Apple's Application Loader, for Android you use the web interface.


On iOS, if you are updating an existing DPS app to a Twixl app, make sure that, if you were previously publishing a hybrid iPad/iPhone version of the app, you'll also need to have a hybrid iPad/iPhone Twixl app. Otherwise, if you want to replace a hybrid app by an iPad or iPhone only app, the only option is to remove the old app from sale and publish the Twixl app as a new app.

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