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The "Integration API" is an extra paid option that allows you to use the Twixl Distribution Platform Admin API to push content from external CMS systems.

Twixl Publisher offers the ability to integrate with different solutions for automated production flows and so to push content to the Twixl Distribution Platform and into your app.

The “Integration API” option allows you to integrate with a number of solutions that we support out of the box, but using that same API, basically any type of CMS could be setup to push content to the Twixl Distribution Platform. Some custom development or help from your local integrator may be required to achieve this.

The following solutions have built-in support for integration with Twixl Publisher and the Twixl Distribution Platform:



To integrate with an external solution, navigate to the "API & Integration" section from the main app menu.

There, you will find the unique App Key and Admin API Key for your app.

1. Partner Solutions

1.1. Canvasflow

Login to your CanvasFlow account on https://canvasflow.io. Navigate to Settings, then select 'Publish Channels'.

As soon as you select Twixl Publisher from the list of channels, you'll get a panel where you need to enter the required information:

  • Name of the app
  • App Key
  • Admin API Key
  • Publish option: decide whether you are just going to upload content that can be published later, or whether you want to upload the content and make it available in the app immediately.
Channel options

1.1.1. Video with instructions

1.2. WoodWing Inception
WoodWing Inception

To configure WoodWing Inception, navigate to the "WoodWing Inception" section from the main app menu.

  1. Login to your Woodwing Inception account
  2. Go to the Publish Channels
  3. Add a new custom publish channel by clicking the Add Channel button under custom channels
  4. As the endpoint url, enter: https://platform.twixlmedia.com/api/2/[app_key]/inception-channel
  5. Enter a name and target name
  6. Next time you publish a story from Inception, you now have the option to send it to the Twixl Distribution Platform
  7. After publishing the story, the story will show up in the Unassigned Content Items

1.2.1. Automatic Assignment

To automatically add a content item to a specific collection, you can add that information to the publish channel URL:

  1. Find the numeric id of the collection in which you want the story to appear
  2. Change the publish channel URL to:
Twixl ID
1.3. WoodWing Enterprise

In order te be able to send content from WoodWing Enterprise, you'll need to have a partner that provides a connector from Content Station to Twixl Publisher.

1.4. vjoon K4

You can use vjoon K4® to connect to Twixl Publisher to produce digital editions of your publications for tablet and other mobile devices. This process makes use of standard vjoon K4 functions and can be highly automated, allowing you to manage layouts, articles and meta data within the system, have multiple users work at content parallel, and make use of Adobe InDesign Server to render files in the background.

Follow the link below to download a PDF with step-by-step instructions on how to push content from vjoon K4 to Twixl Publisher:

2. Other Solutions

2.1. WP Goes (WordPress)

«WP Goes ...» is the editorial system based on the widespread blogger system WordPress. The «WP Goes ...» plugins enhance WordPress with editing features to create appealing articles for websites and apps at the same time.

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